The Return Of Chase Utley?


Chase Utley could rejoin the Phillies any day. Or maybe not. No one knows! Baseball!

Utley has been on the disabled for four weeks. During that time the Phillies got everyone’s hopes up then lost a bunch of games to the some of the worst teams in baseball.  That means the Phillies are one of the worst teams in baseball. Those are facts. Look them up.

Chase probably isn’t going to save this team. So his rehab assignment, which will start hopefully tomorrow, doesn’t mean this team is going to get much better.  The upside is fans will get to see him a few more times before he is traded! Utley has been taking grounders for a few weeks, but he has been hesitant to start taking swings.

Ruben Amaro isn’t sure how long Utley’s minor league tour will take. He guessed a few days. Everything Amaro does seems like guessing, which is great news if you like .500 baseball teams.  It is hard to predict that older players with past injuries could get injured again.  Even harder to realize that it may not be best to put all of the team’s hopes on said players staying healthy.

For real though, Utley is awesome. He is one of the most badass Phillies of my lifetime. I am excited for his return whether that is this weekend, next week, or whenever Amaro’s magic wheel of decision making says so.