Ruben Amaro Super Glad He Always Believed in Dom Brown


Ruben Amaro raised a glass to the Phillies yesterday.

Things are going great, guys.  I think that’s pretty obvious, if you tune in only during Dom Brown’s at-bats.  So naturally, the architect of this success has some things to say about it.

Domonic Brown has had a long and storied history with this organization, full of lots of shouting and doubt.  We’ll never know what people were thinking when they sent him down, brought him up, or kept him on the bench.  Maybe there was a plan all along.  Maybe Ruben made it up as he went.  Maybe he was taking advice from a shadowy version of himself that only he could see in mirrors and other reflections.

But yesterday, Ruben pointed out that despite people demanding his head, Dom Brown is still here.  And as far as we know, that’s on purpose.

"“Look at Domonic. People said, ‘What’s with Domonic Brown? He’s never going to be a player. Trade him.’ I see that stuff.”—Ruben Amaro"

Ruben reads the blogs, guys.

"“The fact of the matter is it takes time for guys to develop. What Domonic has done has been great. I didn’t expect this type of success this early.”—Ruben Amaro"


"“But he’s always had the ability and the talent and now you’re seeing what can happen when it comes together.”—Ruben Amaro"

Ruben then hinted that part of Dom’s success has come from being willing to learn, something that the veterans in the clubhouse aren’t doing.  If only Ryan Howard would open his mind to the gospel of Wally Joyner – the same prophetic teachings that fixed Domonic Brown, that guy who sucked.

Look, as Dom’s success explodes, plenty of people will say they’ve been his biggest fan forever.  It’s a like a great game that goes real late and everybody claims they were there.  Dom was mishandled, we know that.  But we don’t know the intricacies of the process, just the results that wound up on the field.  They were not pretty.  Every now and then he occasionally runs over Jimmy Rollins.

Did I mention Ruben was using Dom as the example for why people should wait and watch Ben Revere develop a little more before calling that trade a failure?  That was after mentioning how he wished the veterans would be more like Dom.

Dom Brown has gone from triple A burnout to his GM’s answer for every question.