Phillippe Aumont Really Not Doing Very Well at All


Phillippe Aumont, demoted to Lehigh at some point during this blur of horrid bullpennery in 2013, has shown few signs of improvement.

Which is to say, not really any.  The Canadian human giant has struggled raucously at a variety of levels.  With the Phillies, Aumont was inserted into 13 innings of baseball, walking 10, allowing 17 hits, six earned runs, and hitting a couple of guys.  As an IronPig he [white noise].

And then, if we combine both sets of numbers, we get a stat line that would be most at home in some sort of urinal with a video game attached to it.

Ha ha WOW.

Yesterday he couldn’t even throw an entire inning without allowing four walks and three runs.  And that was after B.J. Rosenberg had started, so anybody watching may actually be dead.

This has really quelled the “closer of the future” talk (SEE ALSO: Justin De Fratus) at least for now.  But it appears Aumont’s control is nonexistent, and he’s blaming the different voices at the minor and the Major League levels, and whichever one is telling him to throw as many wild pitches as possible.

So it seems to be a bit of a cluster eff for ‘ol Phillippe right now, which makes it all the better that we got Cliff Lee back.