Jonathan Papelbon Had Some Kind of Mystery Problem Sunday


Charlie Manuel went with Antonio Bastardo for the save yesterday, and naturally, the Phillies came about one base hit away from losing the game (after initially harboring a six run lead).

EDIT: SEVEN.  It was SEVEN runs.

It was a harrowing ninth inning, which skewered some of our weaker fans’ hopes.

Bastardo’s face following the game pretty much indicated that he had about as high hopes for a win there as the rest of us.

Somebody please high five that guy before I start to cry.

Anywho, we were given the skinny on Papelbon’s absence not long after the not-loss (formerly known as “win”).

Sick with what?  This detail is still to be determined.  Charlie Manuel expressed immense respect for the Phillies’ medical staff in their ability to get Paps well, which sort of made it sound like this was less of a stomach bug or muscle tweak and more of a CDC lockdown that maybe somebody other than a baseball team should know about.

The short term problem is that the only effective pitcher from the Phillies bullpen has been trapped under something heavy (or whatever) and boy, we better hope we don’t need a relief pitcher anytime soon.