B.J. Rosenberg Getting Another Crack at Mediocre-at-Best Relief Work


The Phillies are shaking their bullpen around a bit in a move that feels less strategic and more done out of boredom.

“Uh oh!” the Phillies thought.  “Phillies bloggers look bored!  Let’s toss them a morsel to turn their afternoons upside down!”

And so, here we are.  Raul Valdes won’t be long relieving anytime soon.  B.J. Rosenberg probably will be.  Of course, as its been addressed, there are lingering questions.  For instance, why do this?  Why not do a more effective thing?  Chad Durbin?  When will Jeremy Horst’s bad luck end?  When will Jeremy Horst’s bad pitching end?  What should we tell the bullpen after Jonathan Papelbon is evacuated and they start noticing that everything smells like gasoline?

And, so on.

Well, the Phillies are ready to admit that the bullpen is a problem.  If this is the extent of their adjustments, no.  If this is the beginning of some strategic tinkering, then by all means, tink away.

Thank goodness we have the Phillies to provide us with white knuckle updates to maintain the afternoon’s momentum.