Phillies Enjoy Group Outing at the Cinema



There’s not a thing that happens on the baseball diamond that can’t be solved with an enjoyable night of moving pictures!

Those Philadelphia Phillies were at it again, having a night out with no baseball, just some friends and movies!

The film?  Star Trek: Into Darkness.  The audience? None other than Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Erik Kratz, Chad Durbin, and Ruben Amaro!  Having fun, fellas?  Ha ha, have at it!

The highly anticipated film is the story of Captain James T. Kirk, now played by the dashing Chris Pine, as he continues his quest to keep the galaxy safe while fighting inner demons and bedding half the military!  Go get ‘um, Captain!

Meanwhile, the vicious villain, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, turns London into ash!  This means war for our boys!

No word yet on just how much the Phillies enjoyed the film, but if this picture is any indication, they certainly liked the poster!  Check out Cole Hamels’ wife, Heidi, enjoying life amongst the stars!  Star players, that is! 

Down in Miami, those pesky Marlins had a smilar idea, hosting Star Trek night at Marlins Park – though it seems some wires may have gotten crossed!  Looking good, boys!  But not too good!