Tyler Cloyd Asked to Pick Up where Roy Halladay Left Off


Soon, we will welcome Tyler Cloyd back to the Major League rotation.  Hi, Tyler!

Tyler’s mesmerizing 2012 season is now a thing of the past, as the 2012 International League Pitcher of the Year is now boasting a 5.40 ERA with 3.1 BB/9 and 1.3 HR/9.  Less exciting stuff this time.

Nevertheless, he’s been called up, out of necessity, not out of want, like young pitchers dream, when they’re dreams of being turned into a bobblehead are over.

The 26-year-old righty made six starts for the Phillies last season, going 33 innings with 30 K’s, seven walks, and 18 earned runs.  He will be serving the same purpose this year, only instead of not Roy Halladay, he will be replacing Roy Halladay, and joining his IronPigs teammate, not-John Lannan Jonathan Pettibone, in the process.

So the Phillies’ rotation is an interesting one, with its best pieces hurt or ineffective, its most criticized piece performing at ace levels, and the holes being filled with young space-fillers, desperate to prove they’re more than AAAA types.  Also, Cliff Lee is there.  He’s fun to watch.

Meanwhile, the Phillies maintain the cloud of mystery around Roy Halladay’s condition, as he arrived in L.A. yesterday and received an inspection by Dr. Lewis Yocum.

Only time will tell if Doc was ever really here at all, or just another facet of my prolonged, fevered dreams.