Charlie Manuel and Roy Halladay Maintain Special, Silent Relationship


Charlie Manuel and Roy Halladay are best friends, they just don’t talk very much or hang out too often, but Charlie understands that Roy is just a busy guy.

Yes, and while many people were irritated with Roy about not giving full disclosure on his shoulder issues, leading to a 15-day DL stint, Charlie stood by his former ace, saying he respected the man’s “integrity” or something.  Mmm.  Yes.  Well, even if we don’t snag that Wild Card spot, perhaps there will still be open slots in the Postseason of Integrity and Grittiness.

No, but Roy deserves all the respect in the world; his decision to keep things secret, however, remains perplexing.  Now he’s far away, getting ogled by strangers in private, and we’re here with the Cloyd and Pettibone Show.  Which seems nonthreatening.  For now.

And it’s not like we’ll never Roy again.  According to Manuel, Doc could come back during this very year, and pitch his way through an injury all over again. But apparently, they’re keeping Charlie in the same darkness they’re keeping everyone else.

Can’t wait!