Blue Jays Announcer No One Has Ever Heard Of Calls Cliff Lee A Cheater


“Who is Dirk Hayhurst?”

That is an excellent question.

Dirk Hayhurst is the Toronto Blue Jays television color commentator and a former Major League pitcher who played for the Blue Jays and San Diego Padres in 2008 and 2009. You could be forgiven if you’ve never heard of him before his recent controversial comments, in which he first claimed Boston Red Sox start Clay Buchholz was cheating, and now is claiming Cliff Lee is a cheater too.

Earlier this week, Hayhurst, as well as fellow Toronto broadcaster and former pitcher Jack Morris (who is slightly more famous than Hayhurst), accused Buchholz of doctoring the ball. After all, that could be the only explanation for the ridiculously hot start he’s gotten off to this year (6-0, 1.01 ERA), right?

After taking some heat for those comments, Hayhurst doubled down on Friday, claiming Lee is another pitcher who gets a little extra help from foreign substances, and used some rock solid logic to make his case in an article on

"“Pitchers break the law, folks,” Hayhurst wrote. “Some do it in the accepted ‘it’s only 5 miles over the limit, officer,’ way. Some have big enough names that they can get away with it even when it’s plain for all to see – Cliff Lee’s hat, anyone?“Some do it recklessly and are just begging to get called out on it . . . “"

Wow. After iron-clad proof like that, Lee had no choice but to defend himself when asked about it before Friday night’s win over the Marlins. His response?

"“Who is Dirk Hayhurst?”"


"“That’s nothing,” Lee said of tugging the bill of his cap. “That’s a completely inaccurate statement. I’ll go get you my hat right now. I’ve been wearing the same hat for 3 years. It’s sweat and rosin.” – quotes per the Daily News’ David Murphy"

See that mark on Cliff Lee’s hat? That means he’s a cheater. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

You know, given Lee’s long history of being a cheater, a really bad guy, and I think he actually hates cats if you can believe it, yeah, we’re going to need to see Cliff Lee’s hat. Let’s just wait here while he gets it.

Unfortunately, we may never know the truth. Sometimes hats get dirty. Remember Joe Blanton‘s hat in the 2008 World Series? That thing looked like it had every illegal substance known to man on it, but he never got pinched for anything.

Of course, these accusations are coming from THE Dirk Hayhurst. He’s written BOOKS on baseball. Plus, he TALKS about baseball for a LIVING.

If that’s not enough proof for you, I don’t know what to tell you.