Jamie Moyer to Make Ultra-Common Public Appearance at Immaculata University


Jamie Moyer is headed back out there, only this time, “there” is a carefully placed podium, not a pitching mound or hospital bed.

Immaculata University has asked Jamie to put aside his dreams of being the world’s first 64-year-old starting pitcher for one evening and come tell their graduating class of aught-13 how the future is powered by their dreams or whatever.

As far as ceremonial speakers, Jamie can’t get much more exemplary.  He’s faced incredible odds – the same as everyone else competing at his level – and blasted through the barriers of aging like a 57 mph heater.  He’s living proof that if you stay alive long enough, you can win a World Series ring.

He’s going to get an honorary degree for his appearance, meaning once again, Jamie Moyer will get points for being out there.

So let us celebrate the fact that, with Roy Oswalt re-entering the fray, the Phillies pitching staff seems to give birth to the most resilient hurlers in the game.  Something about Rich Dubee’s icy stares must conjure longevity in the blood.  Effectiveness, not so much.

Here’s a video of a 2012 CBS Sports interview in which the reporter asks Jamie like a middle school recess monitor, “Anybody been teasing you?”

“First couple days,” Jamie replies meekly.  “I’m sure I’ll get some more.”