Jesse Biddle Asked to be ‘Next Cole Hamels’ Now, Please


Jesse Biddle!  He’s that guy everybody was like ‘Yeah he’s okay and oooh he’s from around here’ about until a few nights ago when that turned into ‘Jesse Biddle is here to save us.’

Poor Jesse.  He has the night of his life. Jesse’s 16-strikeout was vastly impressive, but it was only one game.  Before labeling him an elite, high ceiling prospect with immediate effect in the big leagues, let’s wait until a larger sample size accumulates before we start comparing him to… to Cole Hamels, yeah.

If there’s anything a young, really young, pitcher needs to accompany him on his journey through the minor leagues, it’s the crippling pressure of an organization/fan base.  But really, Jesse brought this on himself!  Going out there, doing the best he can, wanting to strike every one out… these aren’t the actions of someone asking for more and more responsibility.

And now, Jesse gets to babysit us while we wait through some crappy seasons for his arrival.  And then, when he gets here and isn’t our savior, or is traded at the deadline for Ryan Sweeney so we can make a misguided push for the second Wild Card, we can blame all of our problems on him.

On the plus side, a comparison to Cole Hamels isn’t even really that good anymore.  I mean, have you even seen his box scores?  The dude is 0-3.  What other stat do you need to see to realize he’s got a dead arm?  Other, more accurate ones?  Please.  You’re living in a dream world.

So, the only way out of this for Biddle seems to be to either accept his new status and hope that Cole Hamels isn’t good anymore or fake his death.

Being on the Phillies is hard.