‘Operation: Demoralizing Loss’ is Huge Success, Phils Shut Out 2-0


This recap is going to come at you in the form of several stats and moments as they blink into my head as part of a rage-seizure.

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The Phillies have been shut out three times in their last eight games.

Cole Hamels is 0-3 for the first time, ever.  He went eight strong, giving up seven hits, two runs, a walk, and six K’s.

The offense summoned four hits and one was Laynce Nix, off the bench again.

Ryan Howard, Ben Revere, and Domonic Brown all struck out twice each.

And in the bottom of the fourth inning, John Mayberry led off with a triple and never scored.

According to a web site called “How Baseball Works,” a triple is “a base hit which allows the hitter to reach third base.”  Leading off the inning meant that Mayberry was on third base with no outs.  All he needs is the ball to leave the infield.  

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It did not leave the infield.  In fact, Ben Revere’s weak grounder to third was hit at Mayberry himself, who took off on contact, and was easily pickled by Brandon Inge and Russell Martin for the inning’s first out.  Erik Kratz followed with the traditional double play ball.

And Pirates starter you hadn’t heard of before tonight and will forget immediately tomorrow Jeff Locke got the win.  The end.

So, huh.  Are we really gonna do this?  Again?

Charlie Manuel had some thoughts.

On the plus side, Michael Young has a 14 game hitting streak going.  So all we have to do is ride that to the playoffs and we’ll be hoisting the flag in no time. Suck it, Nationals!

No, but this team looked really bad especially Ryan Howard, who appears genuine confused at times.

When it all went wrong

As the team was trotting off the field having not scored despite a lead off triple, there was a special moment in which everyone realized we would never score another run again.  It was quite humbling.  One of these teams went 0-for-13 tonight with RISP.  And you know what?  It was the Pirates.  The Phillies were 0-for-5.  So that’s telling.


At times, Cole Hamels looked like the only professional baseball player out there.


Jeff Locke, professional baseball pitcher. His nickname is “The Redstone Rocket.”  Seriously.

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