Jonathan Pettibone Faces Responsibility of Two-Game Win Streak in MLB Debut


February 18, 2013; Clearwater, FL, USA; Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Jonathan Pettibone (68) poses for a picture during photo day at Bright House Networks Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

They call him the Last of the Baby Aces.

They don’t, but they will.

Years ago, when the Phillies were comprised of 90% aces, the only thing funnier then Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt running roughshod through opponents was how it would go on forever.  The confirmation of such notions could be found just below the surface, in our minor league system, where arms like Trevor May, Julio Rodriguez, and Jonathan Pettibone roamed.

“The Baby Aces” they called them.  It was an absurd amount of pressure, and their “ace” status, if actually there, has yet to be realized.

Since that time, Trevor May was dealt to the Twins for Ben Revere.  Rodriguez was shipped to Baltimore for an outfielder named Ronnie Welty.  Alone stands Pettibone in the triple-A rotation, a baby ace now all alone.

Until today.

Pettibone, now 22 and still right handed, makes the start this evening for the Phillies, with John Lannan ailing on the bench with John Lannan problems.

Jonathan Pettibone-isms:

201221Lehigh ValleyILAAA41.8002.55771142.131121202232021761.2526.
201322Lehigh ValleyILAAA01.0009.6422009.115121015811492.14314.

A guy’s first start is always exciting, whether he was heralded or not.  Remember Vance Worley?  Awesome.  I’ll bet Pettibone has some spectacular quirk like goggles or something, too!



Pettibone will face off against the lovable A.J. Burnett, who looks like a weasel, with the Phillies’ two game win streak hanging in the balance.  But you know what the Phillies always say: If you can’t take the heat….. then let things cool down for a while.

But whatever you’re gonna do, do it before Obama takes your guns away!