Reading Fightins Bring in Live Ostriches to Combat Weeks of Non-Craziness


Remember when the Reading Phillies evolved from the Phillies to the Reading Fightins?

Taking one of their mascots and moving him to the forefront of the franchise meant, they put a lot of their eggs in the “ostrich” basket.  And ostrich eggs are huge.

Which is a fact the Fightins are about find out, if the ostriches they are importing for entertainment purposes are female.  They are.  They come from Roaming Acres Natural Farm, a place in New Jersey where they have ostriches apparently.  But not just any ostriches – USDA inspected, American ostriches, which man, I did not know there were.

No, right, we’re not.

So there’s two of them, these ostriches, and they’ll be on display in the pasture that is already in the FirstEnergy Stadium outfield for some reason.  Reading, deep in the Central PA farm world, housed in Berks County, is one of the most potent farming counties in the country and off the charts in Pennsylvania – one of those states where the middle portion is predominantly corn fields.  The team and the farm are both excited about the attention this will give the region for its farming capabilities.

Which is pretty cool, but harder to make it seem cool on a Phillies web site where we don’t talk about farming a lot.

But I grew up in farm country.  If there had been a couple of ostriches running around, I can confirm that it would have gotten some attention.  One time the front page of the paper was something like, “Yesterday Was Rather Nice Day.”