Totally Fine Roy Halladay Takes Mound Today to Prove Whether he will Ever Pitch Again


We all know what’s gotten Roy Halladay to this point.

“Don’t tell anyone but there’s like legit bones sticking out of my arm.” Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What we don’t know is how things are going to proceed.  Which is a dumb introduction, as I basically just explained to you that we know what has happened but cannot see into the future.  Tragically, this is where we are on the Roy Halladay situation.

Today, he makes another start, but with the minor league squad, so it matters even less than the games that don’t matter on the professional level.  It’s been hinted that he may not even make it out of Clearwater.  But it’s also been said that he’ll be ready with a few more starts.  So as with most Halladay-related problems, the guy is going to try and pitch his way out of trouble.

Today, he will start at the Carpenter Complex, with the endgame being a regular season start on April 3 against the Braves.  The cryptic words flowing out of the Phillies’ coaching are useless, so the only evidence we have on the situation is what we witness in starts like today.  Though since it’s a minor league game, we may not even get to see it.

Damn those Phillies.  They think of everything.  When it comes to deceiving us.

Jayson Stark had the gall – the gall – to describe Halladay as “weaker,” which, while possibly accurate, is still a terrifying thing to suggest.  If forced to leave baseball, to what aspect of human life would Roy Halladay turn his intense, eternal focus?  Killing?  Probably.

But as stated, all we can do about the future at the moment is praise our ignorance of what it holds.  Because it’s probably not Roy Halladay seeking global domination through blowing up people’s heads with his mind and running stairs.