Troublesome Roy Halladay Performance Blows up Internet


Not necessarily because of how good it is.

Hitting a guy? An 85 mph fastball?  No mid-game barfing to cover the struggles?

WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO THINK, ROY?  The thing that we don’t want to think?  Is Adam Morgan about to have the most important season of his life?  Suddenly, April 3 does not seem so far away and the place from which Roy Halladay will have to start recovering seems very small in the distance.

Meanwhile, Delmon Young is also playing, and has lined out and struck out looking.  Today he is not facing a pitcher whose sole pitch, when thrown wrong, is basically like hitting a slow-pitch softball.  So that might be a thing.


I might update if I can learn to type with my head on my desk.

11:57 pm

To everyone’s disbelief, Halladay came back out for the 4th inning and promptly gave up back-to-back singles.  These were Blue Jays minor leaguers, by the way, all cementing the stories they’ll tell their grandchildren about getting a hit off Roy Halladay.  Half of them retired after the game, pretty sure they could never top today.

Then, Doc struck out a guy looking and got the next one to ground into a double play.

Two Halladays are at war in the man’s head, fighting for dominance.  One is his physicality, fighting the game he forces upon it, the other is Roy Halladay, THE Roy Halladay, and he’s got some stairs to run.

12:11 pm

Could have been… worse?