IronPigs Mascot Picks Self to Win NCAA Tournament


In a move that makes you wonder just how often they let that guy out of that suit, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs’ mascot FeRROUS selected himself to be the national champion of the NCAA March Madness tournament.

He has himself defeating Michigan State in the semifinals, then going on to take out Indiana in the National Championship.  No one can be sure if he includes to complete the feat by himself or by recruiting the endless supply of mascots from the IronPigs’ stable.  He could just want to spring out onto the court, grab the ball, and drop kick it into the stand before being tackled and beaten by security.

Also up in the air is what he’s done to Gonzaga, having eliminated them and taken their place like some sort of face-stealing serial killer, but with an entire basketball team and only on paper.

No confirmation yet on how ESPN’s trained squad of elite bracketologists are treating the latest submission; whether they are ignoring the entry as poppycock or using it to revamp the system entirely.  If one person in a lovable pig costume can change the face of college basketball, how stable can this system really be?!

Adding to the suspicions of the anomaly is FeRROUS’ own admission of his attendance at a mysterious “private event,” which may or may not be related to his possibly sinister plans involving Gonzaga University or the championship.