Roy Halladay Green Lit to Start Final Spring Training Cataclysm


Roy Halladay’s bizarre preseason will come to a stoic conclusion on the 28th when he throws his last spring training game.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Again, a Rich Dubee confirmation means as little as a gasp in a wind storm at this point, but any indication that Doc is outside of his iron lung and functioning in a bipedal fashion is terrific news.  We crave “Doc is okay” notices, and now we can’t land anywhere solid.

So before, when he was going to start against the Orioles, and we all thought, “It all comes down to this,” it didn’t really come down to that. Now, against the Blue Jays, we can confidently say, “It will all come down to this.”  Because it literally will.

One last confirmation that Roy is feeling okay, or at least prepared, to throw seven innings for a whole season, or one last reminder that eventually, we all succumb to age.

God help us all.