Rodrigo Lopez has Earned his Last Seven Runs of Spring Training


Rodrigo Lopez was a big contributor to the Braves’ 17-10 obliteration of the Phillies on Monday, allowing eight runs, seven earned, two home runs, and departed with an even 7.00 ERA.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The front office saw the afternoon as enough of a cataclysm for Lopez to pack his bags and join the plethora of young and/or fringe players that have set up in Triple-A camp.  Lopez, a 37-year-old right hander often appearing in spot start or long relief roles for the Phillies, seems to often be in the position of a guy who goes out to be shat upon, whether it is a predicted shatting or purely organic shatting.

Indeed, Chris Branch of the Delco Times describes Lopez as an “insurance policy” for the Phillies, presumably in case they need to lose a game by ten runs or so in order for better placement in the draft or to teach somebody some kind of lesson or something.  Lopez and Aaron Cook look to be the likely replacements, in case one of the Phillies’ hallowed starters goes down for some reason.  But just because they keep worrying people and throwing up doesn’t mean substitute starters will play a key role in any success (but probably failures) for the Phils in 2013.

Lopez leaves the Phillies with his aforementioned plus-size ERA, nine innings pitcher, 14 hits allowed, six K’s, and three walks.