Phillies Begin Dream-Shattering Portion of Spring Training


The Phillies are starting to make cuts from the preseason camp, ending the dreams of fringe players who showed up with a realistic grasp of their chances but that nagging voice in their heads whispering, “…maybe.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The result was maybe not for a couple of guys today.

First was outfielder Joe Mather, a 30-year-old journeyman who has failed to catch on anywhere but Chicago, where he barfed out a .209 batting average last year.  In 12 plate appearances this spring, he failed to reach the .100 threshold, simmering out with a .091.  He struck out four times, but also walked once, which we all know was definitely the reason Ruben had no qualms with cutting him loose.

Also gone is Adam Morgan, though as a top Phillies prospect, he was simply reassigned to the minors, where he will wait for the majority of his friends at Phillies camp to join him.

Adam actually had an aesthetically pleasing spring with the Phillies.  He threw 4.2 innings and kept his ERA under 2.00.  he allowed five hits, two walks, K’d six, and allowed a single earned run.  He probably spent most of camp having nods of approval sent his way.  Morgan had a deep interest in some of the Phillies’ brains, namely Cole Hamels.  The duo were apparently comparing grips of their change-ups, which would be like Roy Halladay showing you his stairs or Cliff Lee showing you his hog-killin’ gun.

More roster tinkering will most likely take place today, as when Ruben Amaro begins moving those chess pieces designed to look like Phillies players on his sinister-looking board he keeps inside the globe in his office, he usually doesn’t quite after two moves.