Michael Young Sees Your Point, Asks You to Politely F*ck off


Ken Rosenthal recently ordered the Phillies to improve defensively, and they said they did.  But Ken is not totally convinced.  He thinks Ryan Howard and Michael Young are weak links in a fragile chain.  But Michael Young sees things differently.

"“Everyone tells me, ‘You have no range.  I’m like, ‘That’s not true. I move well. I have good feet. I have good hands.’ So, something’s amiss here.”—Michael Young"

Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy Dan Uggla.  Nobody’s trying to hurt your feelings.

“All right. Third base. That’s the one… on the… field…….” Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Except for all those faceless internetfolk who don’t think you can hear them if they just discuss your skillset objectively and choose to insult your personality as well by making broad, sweeping assumptions that come from the vague generalities they piece together to make a person out of you.

You know.  Except for them.

Young goes on to say that he believes he was starting from too high of a position defensively, and by lowering himself he has gained an extra step and will be far more adept at covering a grounder in the hole.  He has not looked like the stringless marionette we made him out to be over the winter thus far in spring training, so perhaps he has a point.  You could write

Or perhaps he’s old!  They’re all old!  DITCH THE WHOLE THING!

Sorry, I do that every 15 minutes or so.

You could do a month long expose on what the Phillies need to improve to contend in 2013.  Defense is one in a long list that includes hitting lefties, run support, late inning relief pitching, human health, and the like that are requirements to this team remaining competitive.

And Young is no long term third baseman on this team.  But he has lent us his body for the year and in doing so, asks that we kindly fuck off while he does his best to correct his faults.