Kevin Frandsen Causes Isolated Burst of Excitement in Glacial 3-2 Phillies Loss


This week, we were exposed to a Roy Halladay/Stephen Strasburg match-up for the ages, pitting ace against ace.  The result was a tense, preseason beanball throwdown.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Phillies faced another of MLB’s top aces in the Rays’ David Price.  Was there another stellar contest in the works?  Kyle Kendrick took the mound for the Phillies.  So, no.

Kevin Frandsen, who got the start at second, was the name of the day, going 2-for-3 with a home run and maintaining a .385 batting average.  Freddy Galvis and Dar (starting at short) in Ruf also cracked Price for a couple of doubles, and in total, the vicious Rays menace was hurt for eight hits and two earned runs.  He K’d five Phillies and left the game with plenty of dignity.

On the day, the Phillies actually beat up the Rays pitching staff effectively with 10 hits, opposed to the Rays’ total of seven, but could not push a run in when they needed it.  Which was pretty much all day.

Kyle was effective for the most part as well, though usually in that way that you are with a sick cat.

He went four innings, allowing five hits and three runs that were all his fault.  There was also a walk involved.

Simple subtraction teaches us that that means the bullpen gave up only two hits and no runs for the final five innings, and this is true.  **uses child’s calculator** Yes, it is.  Michael Stutes, Mike Adams, and Aaron Cook combined for four innings, two hits, no runs, three K’s and one walk.