Delmon Young Very Defensive of Ankle’s Personal Privacy


Delmon Young, never very far from a gaggle of giggling Phillies beat writers, became defensive of his ankle today when inquiries became too overwhelming for him.

We have no idea how personal of a relationship Delmon and his ankle have had over the years.  Rumors were sparked years ago when the two were involved in a quarrel outside of Young’s New York hotel.  Nearly inseparable, the platonic nature of their dynamic has been scrutinized countless times.

With the ankle microfractured, Young has been refreshingly open toward its healing process, but shown visible signs of stress, including weight loss.  Today, we saw the first crack in his stoic front, as the ankle’s injury has prevented him from running, hitting, or participating in spring training.

The two retreated to a Los Angeles hideaway yesterday for some private time.

No word yet if his ankle’s condition has forced him to turn to his other ankle for support, creating an intense but highly watchable love tri-ankle, including one of them walking in on the other two during an awkward social faux pas, or Delmon operating under the impression that he is with one ankle, without realizing it is merely the other evil twin ankle in disguise.

“What are YOU doing here?” one ankle will gasp.

“I was about to ask you the same question,” the other will reply.

“These are some strong ankle pain meds,” Delmon will say.