Domonic Brown Continues to be Terrified by Own Success


Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Dom Brown is quickly becoming the feel good story of the season.

One home run?  Could be a fluke.  Two home runs?  Double-fluke.  Happens all the time.  Three home runs?  All right, all right, I’m getting out of bed.

Brown consistenly updates his stats with stellar day after stellar day at the plate, whether that means mammoth home runs or careful pitch selection, the man is getting on base and knocking in runs.  Sometimes, he knocks himself in.  Those are called home runs.

You probably know that already.  It’s spring training for bloggers, too!  LOL!

**Gets odd look from co-workers while sipping from pounder at desk**

So anyways, Brown is putting on a hell of a show down in Clearwater, doing all the things we’ve been trying to get him to via whining and screaming over the past three years.

Brown ranks fifth in all outfielders in OPS this preseason (1.369), and second among outfielders with at least 20 at-bats.  He is FIRST among outfielders with walks (6), which if not a direct troll-job of Ruben “I don’t care about walks” Amaro, it’s damn fine coincidence.

We’re enough games deep into the Grapefruit League to start realistically surmising people, and Dom has slandered his own bad name with good stats.

It’s only natural for this change in the wind to be met with abject horror, and Dom may not know what to do with his newfound power.  Or maybe he entered camp aware of its presence, prepared to expose all haters of what they truly are: self-loathing townies who unfortunately learned how to use a cell phone.

But, if this accompanying picture is any indication, Dom will continue to yelp wildly in the face of his own success, until the day he is traded in a package deal with Kyle Kendrick to the Marlins for Giancarlo Stanton like that one guy actually suggested.