Tyler Cloyd Not Sure Being Overshadowed by John Lannan a Good Sign


It’s not like John Lannan casts a long shadow, but it seems to be enough for people to forget about Tyler Cloyd.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The 25-year old started six games for the Phillies in hopes of being the next Vance Worley, but did not possess the luck or goggles necessary to become as favored by the crowd.  People rooted for the kid, certainly, especially after he ripped the International League to pieces, winning Most Valuable Pitcher from the IL and the Paul Owens Award from the Phillies for the farm system’s best hurler.

But no one saw him as a long term contributor in the rotation, evidenced by the complete lack of debate on who will fill the fifth rotation spot.  It’s apparently John Lannan’s to lose, and even if he legitimately loses it, the Phillies may keep trusting him because they bothered to go out and get him and you never know if a guy is just having 19 0r 20 bad days in a row.

Cloyd may inherit the long relief role abandoned by Kyle Kendrick (THANKS A LOT, KYLE), or he could wind up nowhere.

Rich Dubee is not convinced that the 4.91 display Cloyd put in 33 innings at the Major League level is a fair enough assessment. He’s pegged Cloyd as a cunning, deceitful young man with low velocity, even going so far as to mention his name alongside Greg Maddux.

"“Was Greg Maddux a flamethrower? I don’t think he threw 95.”—Rich Dubee"

He’s right; Maddux topped out at 91-92.  Which is, yes, not any indication of where Cloyd stands with the team, just his standing with Rich Dubee.  And if Rich Dubee hasn’t given up on you yet, then you’ve still got a shot.

Sorry, Kyle Kendrick.