Top 100 Prospect Lists Select Four Phillies Comprehensively


These top 100 lists brutal the past few weeks, as we now have 300 slots available to illustrate just how unattractive the Phillies farm system has become.

Ethan Martin and Glove, his fatihful glove. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

But it’s not really a whole thing to get aggressive and angry and just way too aggressive about.  These prospects are either going to surprise everyone with production from nowhere or disappoint everyone because they got their hopes up too high due to skewed expectations from top 100 lists or they’re going to be shipped out in the Great 10-team Giancarlo Stanton Deal of 2013.

Baseball America dished out it’s top 100 list this afternoon, and it went a little something… like this:

"89. Jesse Biddle100. Roman Quinn" chimed in a few weeks ago.

"60. Jesse Biddle80. Ethan Martin"

And ESPN’s Keith Law took his turn at the beginning of the month.

"92. Adam Morgan95. Jesse Biddle"

Now, if you look at these one at a time, you can see that yes, the Phillies have a pitiful number of blue chip prospects available for development or trade.  However, a second glance tells us that the Phillies actually have four nationally recognized prospects considered in the best 100 minor league players in the country!


Sadly, this is the state of a minor league system after the fact.  And those facts are Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Hunter Pence, and to a far lesser extent, Ben Revere.  In the mean time, though, we can push all of our top rated prospects together into a single mound and marvel at the lump of pitchers and a shortstop we’ve created and will seemingly grow to depend on.