Charlie Manuel Doesn’t Have to Answer to You or President Obama, Reports Charlie Manuel


Charlie Manuel is finished discussing his contract extension.

“I cna confirm that you all suck and I hate you.” Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With you, with reporters, with President Obama, everybody.  And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Charlie grew upset with the constant yammering about his future in Philadelphia and why it hasn’t been nailed down as a certainty as of yet.  It’s a pretty abysmal economy out there, I assume, because I’m not rich yet.  Job security can be a touchy subject , especially when a crew of fellows track you to ask whether you have it every other day.

"“This is the last time I’ll answer (questions) about my deal, okay?  I’m very satisfied with the way it is.”—Charlie Manuel"

Charlie has been here nine years, which in contemporary Philadelphia professional coaching (his counterparts across the sports complex range in tenure from as long as four years to several weeks) is a lifetime.  When teams are bad, which they all are right now, all of them, everyone wants to roast the coach in the parking lot.  Phillies fans were beginning this trend in 2012, but fortunately, the bar for sports horridness in this town has dropped considerably since, and, by finishing with a .500 record, the Phillies are the best team in town.

So the demands that Charlie be fired have simmered a bit.  But this being a contract year and all, the issue could be pushed even further, should the team slip.  I don’t understand how a team expecting Delmon Young to play right field every day couldn’t be a constant disappointment (though his ankle injury seems to be delaying this spectacle), but we’ll see.

"“You can look at it any way you want to. But it is what it is. What I meant was, you shouldn’t have to explain it, us or the team. I shouldn’t have to explain it to anybody, the team or President Obama or anybody. Seriously. That’s kind of how I look at it.”–Charlie Manuel"

Fortunately, some of us have Charlie’s back.