Here at That Ball’s Outta Here, we have needs.  

And those needs are you.

You’ve probably enjoyed TBOH’s scathing commentary, aggressive analysis, and biting satire.  But there’s something you should know.

Listen, we have no idea what we’re doing.

But only when it comes to certain things.  And we want TBOH to be as great as it could be, to fire on all cylinders, and for those cylinders to include the following positions:

Social Media Ace

Look, you’re on Twitter 24/7 already, and you don’t know why.  Is it your dream to mingle with Phillies blogosphere celebrities?  Well, maybe you could do that, if you work up the courage.

The Social Media Ace should be able to:

  • Commit the time and effort necessary to get TBOH the exposure it deserves.
  • Man a Facebook page and Twitter account directed to the site.
  • Select and send links to willing outlets for further exposure.
  • Make contact with other sites for collaboration.
  • Keep The Hub (link roll on the right side of the site) updated with fresh content daily.

SABR Monster

We respect SABR here at TBOH, and some of us even understand it.  But we want somebody in here talking about it even more.

The SABR Monster should be able to:

  • Have a working knowledge of sabermetrics.
  • Be able to write at least one weekly post presenting argument, analysis, or information using sabermetric stats in regards to the Phillies.
  • Not be a nerd all the damn time!  Ha ha ha!  Nerd!  No, but we’re all nerds.

Anyone with any interest in one or more of these positions can reach us at thatballsouttahere@gmail.com, reach out to Justin Klugh (@TBOHblog) via Twitter, and fill out the application found here.

Email today!  Quickly!  These are gonna go fast!

No, they won’t.  Calm down.