Roy Halladay Bullpen Session Occurs with Zero Casualties


In other non-Delmon Young/poop related news, Roy Halladay, champion of the arm-users and Herculean Titan Who Walks Among Us, had a successful bullpen session today.

The aforementioned session, overseen by Rich Dubee and conducted from a pitching mound for the first time all winter, included 30 dramatic pitches, none of which destroyed anyone, according to reports.

The mound itself could not be reached for comment, though it displayed some clear nerves for the session.

“Don’t screw this don’t screw this up dont’ screw this up…” –the mound Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Roy, who has a tunnel connected to the Phillies’ Clearwater training facility from a crudely dug hole underneath his wife’s bureau, has been in Florida for a while now, wordlessly getting better; breaking only to have telepathic communes with Dubee that last mere seconds.

Recovering from a shoulder strain with a 34-year-old shoulder is no easy task, but Doc’s progress is encouraging, which is more than you can say about most of the Phillies’ recent developments.  For a time who went the “pitching-first” route, re-stabilizing the rotation would be an adequate first step.

Of course, it will be followed by several thousand way harder steps, but still.  At this point hearing that Doc is on the road to “okay” is good enough.