Ruben Amaro Ruins Chooch’s Birthday with Delmon Young-Talk


Chooch hadn’t even blown out the candles on his cake when the news hit: The Phillies are pursuing Delmon Young.


Jim Salisbury sent out the beacon this morning that Ruben Amaro willfully admitted to be “seriously considering signing Delmon Young.”

Just to recap, so we’re clear:

"“We’re likely going with what we’ve got.”–Ruben Amaro, January 7, 2013“I think we can [get a corner outfielder before spring training].  We hope to do it.”–Ruben Amaro, January 22, 2013"

EDITOR’S NOTE: This picture was taken on my last birthday. Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Delmon Young, he of the 2012 “drunken Anti-Semitic slurs” incident, and the 2006 “hurling a bat at an umpire” incident, and the “not consistently productive on either side of the ball” 2006-12 incident, apparently has the Phillies’ interest.

They could use a corner outfielder to stabilize one position and add power to the lineup behind Ryan Howard.  That would be nice.  But the truth is, that player does not exist in free agency right now.  If low-cost spending is the priority, there is not going to be a name that surfaces without a slash line that makes you cringe.

And sadly, Delmon Young makes you cringe for a whole bunch of other reasons, too.  Not just his downfall since a standout 2012 season in Minnesota.  The “bad person” stuff.

UPDATE: 2:36 pm