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Ruben Amaro Hints Another Outfielder Could Be Coming, But It Won’t Be Michael Morse


Wow, Bobby Abreu has really chunked up. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ruben Amaro is trying to drive us all to alcoholism.

Just a few days after saying the Phillies were likely done making moves, Amaro said on Wednesday there is a chance the team could still add another outfielder in the next few days.

So… JUSTIN UPTON??? RUBEN… JUSTIN UPTON??? Pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohprettyplease!?????

“Maybe something small,” Amaro said Wednesday.

*shoulders slump… eyes downcast… puts hands in pockets… kicks at gravelly pebbles with shoe*

It doesn’t appear as if the move Amaro is hinting at is going to be something big. In fact, one wonders if the move he’s planning to make is even going to move the needle at all, given the surplus of mediocrity that’s out there.

“It would likely come from outside the organization,” Amaro said of a potential move. “It could be a trade, but probably a free agent.”

If it’s a free agent, the candidates not named Michael Bourn are underwhelming. Delmon Young, Juan Rivera, Bobby Abreu, Ben Francisco, Ryan Sweeney, Ryan Raburn and Rick Ankiel are all still on the shelves, and all of them should probably stay there. Jerry Hariston is a name often linked to the Phils, and he is available as well, although if Amaro is looking for bench help, a left-handed hitter would seem to be more of a need than another right-hander.

On the trade front, aged veterans Alfonso Soriano and Vernon Wells are still out there, and that’s where they should probably stay.

Out there. Somewhere. Other than here. In another place. Doing other things. For other people.

And, of course, there is walking trade rumor Justin Upton.

We’ve covered that ground before.

So, are the chances of another outfielder being added high or low?

“Medium,” Amaro said.

Gosh, that’s helpful, Rube. In other words, it could happen, but then again, it could not happen.

Yes, friends. In mid-January, this counts as news.

“We’re not done building our team,” Amaro said. “Our job of improving the team is never done.”

One player not available to the Phillies is Michael Morse, who was traded to Seattle as part of a three-team deal that also involved Oakland on Wednesday afternoon.

So what have we learned after all this?

We’ve learned the Phillies might add another outfielder. He might be good, he might be crappy, he might be mediocre. It could come via trade or free agency. Or, they might not add anyone.

I’m glad for this time we’ve spent together.