Phillies Head Trainer Asked to Join Elite Society of Baseball Medicine


Michael G. Ciccotti, MD.

Dr. Ciccotti on one of his frequent visits to Placido Polanco. Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Is it the name of the most anticipated hospital/spy hunter hourlong drama come pilot season?  Not yet.  But a TV series would be the least surprising medium that Dr. Ciccotti’s exploits in the coming year could inspire.

You don’t just treat slide-burns or sprained ankles when you’re 2013 President of Major League Baseball’s Team Physician Association.  What do you do?  Well, let me finish reading the article and I’ll tell you.

**Starts reading article, gets distracted by roommate playing Mass Effect 3**

I don’t uh… huh.

Apparently, the Phillies’ Dr. Ciccotti will be the go-between for the Team Physician Association, the players union, and the commissioner’s office, so obviously, he will be the most targeted man in baseball.  If there are more consistently warring groups than two of those three, then they are probably playing hockey.

Dr. Ciccotti has been called to the NHL commissioner’s office to treat them for sick burns.

“This is an exciting time in Major League Baseball—medically speaking,” Ciccotti has said, and he’s right.  The players and commissioner’s office aren’t currently screaming at each other about HGH testing policies (though they have expanded).  Concussions are being treated with all-time seriousness.  And I’m no Dr. Michael Ciccotti, but I’d say we are mere months away from cybernetic limbs becoming a big, big part of baseball.

So we’ll see where this path takes our team physician.  Hopefully it’s not too far away because somebody’s going to have to put Chase Utley’s knees back inside of his body.