Most NL East Teams Caught in Brandon’s Webb


The Phillies, Mets, Nationals, and Marlins are all interested in seven-time Diamondback and noted 30-year-old Brandon Webb, reports a Twitterman.

Is Brandon Webb in this picture? Who knows. Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Webb is a right-handed 22-game winner, three years ago.  Since then he has registered zero wins due to probably a horrible injury of some kind. UPDATE, SEVERAL SECONDS LATER: It was right shoulder bursitis, which involves sacs and inflammation and is just gross.

He pitched for Double-A Frisco in the Rangers’ farm system in 2010, but clearly presents a risk of some kind.

“Did you say low risk, high reward?” Ruben Amaro asked and immediately got Brandon Webb on the phone to offer him whatever the Phillies usually offer their low risks.  I imagine it’s like a fun hat or something.

Meanwhile, the Phillies’ top competitors are in their way.  We can count the Marlins out because they seem to be collecting key performers for more of a sad, haunted carnival than a season of baseball.  The Nationals are just doing that thing where they tail the Phillies on every deal just to see what we’re up to.  And the Mets probably want to build a legitimate baseball team, bless their hearts.

The Phillies bullpen is shaping up nicely for 2013, though I’m not one to just pass off the final rotation spot to John freaking Lannan, so if Webb wants to be some comeback story of the year, then who will stand in his way?

John Lannan, probably.  And he wouldn’t hesitate to reactivate a guy’s bursitis if he deems him a threat.