Other Top 10 Phillies Prospects List Proves More of the Same


Baseball Prospectus, one of those baseball publications that people actually listen to because their staff is not made up of self-important ferrets, has ranked the Phillies prospects again.

You’re not going to be surprised.

More Baseball Prospects R Us!  Holy god damn that is some top quality foolin’ about.

STOCK PHOTO FILLER: This is what a baseball glove, used for defense in baseball, looks like. Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly no one is ready to play now, which means that yes, they have most likely been traded for a corner outfielder by the end of that joke up there.  Remember that one?  Good stuff.

Tommy Joseph is close, and all the scouts love him–they must, as they seem to have forgiven him for his sour Arizona Fall League appearance.  Roman Quinn, Jesse Biddle, Jonathan Pettibone, Adam Morgan, and Cody Asche have all had success at their respective levels (Quinn was voted third best player in the NY/Penn League, Morgan almost threw a perfect game, Asche tore it up in the AFL) but none are developmentally ready for a big league career.  Asche is probably closest, which is nice because I don’t like to think of Michael Young as a “long term solution.”

Watson was the first round pick in the last draft, who they compared to Brett Myers, and has since been diagnosed with Type I diabetes.  Tocci, a 16-year-old Venezuelan signing, made an impression in extended spring training with his adept at-bats and manic, slick fielding.  Franco is a developing offensive threat with a cannon arm and a brain for defense.

But let’s get serious here.

**Gets serious**

At the moment, there aren’t a ton of world-beaters in our farm system.  Yes, plenty of these guys are talented and some could really be something.  Whatever, I can’t tell the future.  Or usually the present.  The point is, everybody knows the Phillies’ farm system is not the pulsating youth-egg it used to be, primed to hatch and spread wave after wave of skittering prospect larvae into the Major Leagues.

They can’t keep waiting for someone to develop, and then pawning them off to “win now,” especially since the days of “win now” are over.  These days we’re a “win maybe” or even a “let’s just win tonight and go from there” sort of squad.

That said,

**Gets back to being hyper-weird Phillies oaf**

These guys are still going to be fun to watch.

**Puts on Phanatic head, dances in front of mirror.**