Ruben Amaro Slips in One More Lie as Philadelphia Burns to Ground


Ruben Amaro is saying the Phillies are finished making moves, which means one of two things:

  • The Phillies planned on, and successfully executed, a more frugal winter, putting themselves in a more complete, albeit lower profile, position.
  • The Phillies are not finished making moves, this is the middle step part of an elaborate heist, wheels are in motion, troops are on ground, Ruben Amaro is having a quiet victory smirk in the back of a limo, and in time, we will look back on this day and laugh at the concept of the Phillies ever being “finished” and also we are laughing out of horror as the ceiling of Ruben Amaro’s influence has apparently not even been seen yet.

The announcement couldn’t have come at a grimmer time, as the city of Philadelphia is itself taking a gamble with a terrifically inefficient emergency response system.

We’re all being extra careful not to create emergencies, but in times like these–with the Phillies not really a World Series contender and the offseason apparently coming to an end–I’m just not sure how they expect us to react.  “Reasonably?”  Sir, the time for reason has long passed.

This team could be good, but moves like Michael Young are conceiavbly made as temporary adjustments; we do have a potential third baseman in the minors.

But hey, if they’d gone out and spent a ton of money we’d be complaining about how Michael Bourn is not worth an eight-year, $7 billion deal with incentives included if he breaks the sound barrier.

At least we have a GM who is deceptive and openly apathetic to our feelings enough that we can string along hope for the perfect roster, despite anything he says, until Opening Day.


Is that a healthy feeling?  I don’t know.