‘Oh sh*t, no one’s managing the Crosscutters,’ Some Phillies Person Remembers


It took a farcical amount of shuffling to rearrange the Phillies’ coaching personnel, but here we are.

Most of the MLB staff was jettisoned after the season ended, clearing a path for reinforcements from the minors, like the persistently mentioned Ryne Sandberg.  Slots began filling with minor league replacements at all levels, until eventually, the Phillies were without any holes.  Except for the ones at third base and two of three outfield positions.  And the bullpen and catching.  And the rotation.

And the coaching staff.

Yes, it seems the oft-forgotten Williamsport Crosscutters, crammed unceremoniously somewhere between single and double-A, were without a manager for some time, until some keenly witted member of the front office sat up in a cold sweat, an image of horribly unmanaged, confused and disoriented Crosscutters throwing baseballs against walls, all wondering just what in the hell they were supposed to do while the players of other teams whose managers had shown up were circling the bases at the center of his nightmares.

Well, awake in a cold sweat no more, unnamed front office fellow!  Nelson Prada has been named the Crosscutters manager in 2013, taking the place of Andy Tracy, who has inherited the role of Gruff, Roving Hitting Instructor for All Phillies Teams, a position he will have a hard time convincing people is not made up.

Also previously holding the Williamsport position was 1993 Phillies hero Mickey Morandini, who has since moved on to managing in single-A Lakewood.

So Prada is entering a scenario rich with potential.  He did some catching back in the day, but on a more recent day he was managing in the Twins organization, camping out with the Gulf Coast crew until 2007, when he left the coastal sun in favor of the grey scale horizon of Beloit, Wisconsin to coach the Snappers of the single-A Midwest League.

So.  They must have made that job sound appealing. Here he is getting ejected from a game in 2010 for pointing too aggressively I guess.

You can bid on a signed Nelson Prada baseball card on eBay, manufactured the same year of his infamous “I swear to god I thought that one was third base” finger-pointing ejection.  The going price is $6.00.