Phast Phive: Phan Phavorite



Justin Klugh

Do you think the Phillies are checking in on Giancarlo Stanton?  Yes, they are doing that.  Will they sign him?  Yes, definitely.  That is going to happen, no matter how many ways people who would know lay it out for you.  There.  That’s settled.  It’s done.

But what’s only just beginning is the 25 game suspension of Carlos Ruiz.  Well, not really; that doesn’t start until the 2013 season comes around.  But the talking about it has only just begun, and we can look forward to months and months of people who don’t know Chooch talking about him like they know him like we do, which is about as close as a Panamanian catcher and 100,000 total strangers can get.

By now, we know Chooch tested positive for Adderall, which we all remember from our friends in college who chose majors that required them to know where the library was and make a habit out of staying there for 27 hours at a clip.  So why does Adderall seem to be so useful to athletes?  Does Chooch go to the library a lot?  TELL US, BOB BROOKOVER!  Sorry for shouting.

Ethan Seidel

Everyone who was hoping for a reunion between Ryan Madson and the Phillies will be disappointed. Barring a physical, Madson is set to join the Halos in LA and compete for their closer job. After Ryan expressed his desire to pitch the 9th inning, a return to Philadelphia seemed unlikely. But what can a surgically repaired Ryan Madson do that Philipe Aumont and the rest of the kids in the bullpen can’t?

Paul Boye at Crashburn Alley posted an article that addresses issues for all the fans wondering where all the signings are. This off season has been pretty sleepy, but just like any year there are a handful of players who everyone waits for before negotiating their own deals. Boy identifies 4 players that are possible options for the Phillies, and who are also holding up the line for the rest of the market. Even if the Braves do land B.J. Upton, his deal will help the Phils negotiate with Michael Bourn. That way Ruben Amaro Jr. won’t be negotiating against himself (cough-Papelbon-cough).

Jovan Alford

As if the Philadelphia Sports day could not get any worse, finding out that Carlos Ruiz had been suspended for 25 games was disappointing. He is a fan favorite in the city and I think it took a lot of people back. It’s sad to hear that Ruiz was upset because he knew he had disappointed the team, the city, and the fans. He is one of those players that plays with his heart on his sleeve. I think when he comes back off of his suspension, the Philadelphia Phillies faithful will embrace him with open arms.

John Stolnis

Remember during the summer when everyone assumed Cole Hamels was going to be shipped out of town because he hated the Phillies so much and was never going to sign a long-term contract with the Phillies because he wanted, like, $435 million and there was no way the Phillies were ever going to pay that and OHMYGOSHCOLEHAMELSCAN’TLEAVEWENEEDHIMTOSTAYOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH? Well the name most bandied about as a possible return piece in the deal was Rangers’ third base prospect Mike Olt, the next coming of Scott Rolen and David Wright. Late last week, ESPN’s Dave Schoenfield suggested five blockbuster trades that would make sense for everyone concerned, including one involving Cliff Lee, Antonio Bastardo, Mike Olt and a bunch of other dudes NOT named Mike Olt. And I gotta say… it IS intriguing.

At the end of the 2012 season, Phils fans got a chance to see many of the young bullpen arms the team has been stockpiling like doomsday nutjobs who store canned goods and rifles. And while Ruben Amaro is wise to be looking around the free agent market for a veteran bullpen arm to pitch the 8th inning, the youth of the ‘pen could end up being a strength, and should be a focus.

And Mike Schmidt, always looking to be as helpful as possible, had some suggestions on MLB Network Radio on Monday for fixing the MLB Hall of Fame. In short, stop letting fat, slovenly, out-of-touch sportwriters have the final decision on who gets in. I think we all would say, bravo to that idea, Mike.