Contingency of Phillies Winter Leaguers Still Tearing Through Venezuela



Tyson Gillies has pieced together a solid seven games in Venezuela, hitting .385 in 26 at-bats with a double and a triple.  That’s… that’s it.  Nothing bad has happened.  It’s nice; allowing Tyson and his farm system friends to keep up their endearing report.

If someone is going to stop Darin Ruf, they should probably hurry up before he blasts them over a fence several hundred feet away and converts them into sweet, sweet RBI.  His home run count is up to nine, with 18 runs knocked in, and an OPS of 1.039. He’s only got the 19 hits, and yes, almost half landed somewhere not in the field of play.  Darin has a way of cultivating unrealistic expectations.  I guess what we need to be considering now is that perhaps this is the new reality.

Also having a decent reality is Justin Friend, another Reading compatriot probably shocked to learn of his homeland’s planned changes.  Sure, in a few weeks, he’ll come home.  But what will he be coming home to?  MADNESS?!  Yes, always.  But in the interim, Friend is a 3-1 hurler with a 1.50 ERA, 12 strikeouts, 5 walks, and two earned runs.  Which is good, I assure you.

But really, everybody’s just trying to be Freddy Galvis.  The kid is only six home runs shy of Darin Ruf, with nine RBI, four doubles, a triple, and 27 hits total.  He’s even got a stolen base.  Out of three tries, but still.  He ranks sixth in the entire league in batting average, and has even been getting some of the most playing time in order to prove that any success isn’t some kind of bullplop fluke.  It isn’t, okay?  Go away.  Not you, Freddy.  You stay here.  Forever.  Not Venezuela.  Philadelphia.  Because that’s where I am.  Sort of.  I’m in the suburbs.

Look the point is, Freddy’s doing great down there.  Also, this:

"Pobre de mi perro.. Asi se la pasa ahora"