David Herndon Leaves Behind Phillies Legacy of That One Play That Time


Execs note bullpen will probably be the same without him

With Ty Wigginton, Michael Martinez, and most of the coaching staff, the Phillies have spent the past few weeks trimming the fat, or in the case of David Herndon, watching the fat get trimmed.  By Blue Jays.

It sounds awful, but what actually happened is that the 27-year-old righty was out on waivers, like you do, and the Blue Jays decided he was exactly the kind of pitcher they need in Toronto. Which is not surprising.  Herndon, along with Michael Stutes, spent most of 2012 being the “Oh yeah; that guy,” of the Phillies’ “DL Updates” throughout the year.  The assumption was, he’d be part of a giant pitching collective in 2013 that would be molded in the preseason to fit the best possible bullpen scenario.

It is not to be; now, Herndon is gone, and all we have left to remember him by is that play in the 19-inning Wilson Valdez Fiasco of 2011.  The Blue Jays had recently claimed Tyson Brummet off waivers as well, then DFA’d him to make room for Herndon, indicating either poor planning or a case of mistaken identity by their scouting department.

Either way, let us salute ‘Ol Herndy’s departure with a nickname he never received and a video clip of his finest hour.