Freddy Galvis Destroys Image that he is Offensively and Bodily Weakened


He’s gonna do something awesome… any second… Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

We’ve watched Freddy Galvis transform before us over the past few months.  First, he was a slick fielder being promoted as part of an infielding emergency when Chase Utley’s knees revealed themselves as traitors to the rest of his body.  Then, he was the starting second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies who seemed to perform offensively but only when his name was chanted by tens of thousands of people.  Then, he was a bright spot on a roster full of smudges.  Then, he was the poor kid with the broken back.  Then, he was the suddenly suspended youngster who tested positive for a banned substance with a broken back.

We have many questions about Freddy these days.  Like, where is Freddy?  What is he doing?  Where will he play next year?  How effective are his vertebrate?  And so forth.

We got answers this week, as the Venezuelan Winter League opened on Thursday, and Freddy Galvis didn’t waste any time reminding us of why he is widely considered an offensive dynamo.  Going 4-for-5 with a home run, Galvis went against the notion that he was a glovesmith who sometimes was forced to hold a bat, for one day at least.

Playing alongside Phillies icon Darin Ruf, who went 1-for-4 in the same game, Freddy has a long winter in front of him, during which the Phillies are hoping he can solidify himself as some sort of role-player, despite them not being sure which role and how much he would play in it.

It is nice to see the 22-year-old back on his feet, being allowed to play, and playing so effectively.  You can only hope the team finds a place for his skills and youth, at a point when both are in high demand.  Also, he can swing a bat without looking uncomfortably into the dugout.  PROGRESS.