Roman Quinn Switch-Hitting Experiment Ends with Him as Third Best NY-Penn League Prospect


Here are some baseballs that may have been hit by Roman Quinn. Which you are seeing because US Presswire does not have a Roman Quinn image. Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

When the Phillies drafted Larry Greene, they were bringing in a good natured, large guy with tons of power who they were fantasizing would be the monstrous slugger of the future.  And what does every slugger need?  A daily pregame sandwichfest?  An ability to lay off a breaking ball headed for his back foot?  The crackling complaints of horrified masses filling the commuter cars going nowhere on the freeway?

Yes to all of those.  But what does a franchise slugger need most of all?  That’s right, a speedy, slick-fielding shortstop to be the run he’s always knocking in.  And also who he is best friends with and can make cocksure statements to the media after the season ends.

And that, I assume, is why they drafted Roman Quinn after Greene, to be the Rollins to his Howard.  Will things line up that way?  Almost certainly no.  But that’s why they have a draft every year!  And do not involve me in it at all.

Quinn, however, spent the last season playing for the New York-Penn League’s Williamsport Crosscutters, and got himself voted into the #3 prospect spot by Baseball America.  At 19 years old, he hit .281 through 66 games, notching 75 hits, more triples (11) than doubles (9), and 30 stolen bases.  He also struck out 61 times.  But I’m pretty sure that’s one of those stats nobody thinks matters anymore.  Besides, Roman is, by his own admittance, mostly invisible.

With his natural speed, the Phillies are forcing the concept of switch-hitting upon poor Roman, a natural righty, in hopes that it will turn him into a double-edged weapon.  Leading off for the Crosscutters, Roman left a trail of dust leading into the NY-Penn All-Star Game, getting his manager Andy Tracy to label him a “game-changer.”

"“When he gets on base we are a different club.”–Andy Tracy"

Combine all this with Roman’s selection of Phillies baseball over attending Florida State and you’ve got one hell of a narrative going into the Phillies’ annual exhibition game against the Seminoles.