Dom Brown Schedules New Injury for Offseason


Ligament injury can probably explain lack of break-out season for past three years

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

If you can recall a time this season when Dom Brown ran from first to third, you can do so in a new light:  he was probably in some mild discomfort throughout.

Yes, following the season, our corner outfielder of the future–the future being, of course, now–will get an MRI to examine a ligament issue he has been playing through for some time.  Saying he mostly felt it when running from first to third, Brown expects to be healthy again by the time March rolls around, but who cares, because it’s Dom Brown, and we’ll be lucky if the kid isn’t suffering from some rare form of space dementia by then.

It would be amazingly well-timed if Dom Brown could launch a powerful offensive with Darin Ruf and/or Nate Schierholtz in the Phillies outfield next season.  And while we wait for his numbers to go up, and his swelling to go down, and also our expectations to go down, it might be good to address the fairly unique situation in which we find ourselves with him.

Dom’s got raw talent, we know that.  But it hasn’t bloomed on the Major League level yet.  We’ve held onto him through blockbuster trade after blockbuster trade, so he’s not going to be moved very easily.  He’s also not putting up many respectable numbers (.236/.315/.388), so it’s not like anybody would really want him anyway.

At this point, we kind of just have to watch him get MRIs and hope that one of these years he Chooches himself out of a career of underwhelming offensive performances and crippling scrutiny.

Happy belated 25th birthday, Dom.