Jimmy Rollins Nominated to be Honored for Being Swell Guy


Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

We all know Jimmy Rollins is a nice guy.  I mean, just look at that smile.  They don’t let guys smile that charismatically if they’re secretly evil.  Unless Jimmy is really, really evil.  You know, I’ve heard he doesn’t run out his pop-ups.

Anyway, we’re not the only ones who think so highly of Jimmy.  Major League Baseball has made him the Phillies’ 2012 nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award, the award given to a player who makes the most people feel warm inside off the field.  Which, for the most part, has been the only place the Phillies have been able to do so this year.

Jimmy would be joining esteemed ranks of past Phillies who’ve taken home the honors, such as Greg Luzinski in 1978 and Garry Maddox in 1986 and that’s it we’ve only got just the two so far.

Sure, Jimmy’s not the reigning NL MVP anymore.  But his foundation held a fundraiser for Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania this past November.  Yeah, maybe he doesn’t go full speed on pop-ups.  But he gained the admiration of an entire Ugandan village.

So before you try to be a hero by pointing out on the radio that he’s “setting a bad example” by not going full speed and “oh god oh god why won’t someone think of the children,” why not point yourself toward some of the raw humanitarian work he’s done?  Or maybe just shut the hell up.  That would work too.