Phillies 2013 Schedule Comes Out Just as 2012 Becomes Watchable


If you’ve got your refrigerator magnets all in order, except for one centralized rectangular spot, the Phillies are prepared to offer you a solution, finally.

The 2013 schedule is finished being prepped, primped, gently coalesced into the masterpiece expected from league officials.  Now on the internet, the novelty magnets featuring Darin Ruf probably, can’t be too far behind.

In the interim, we can examine the schedule itself, whether it sticks to certain surfaces thanks to science or not, and scrutinize exactly what is going to be the biggest thrill in the coming year.

If the 2012 season has exhausted us of anything, it’s optimism.  Also alcohol, patience, most of our outfielders, and nail polish remover because the alcohol was gone.  But if we’re being optimistic, and assume that in a few weeks we’ll all be laughing at the Braves for being good all year and then losing in a one game playoff to a team that was in last place for most of the season, then our 2013 season opener against the Braves is going to be plenty awkward.

A trolling for the ages, certainly, and the facts that we’ll be in Atlanta and that it will be April Fool’s Day gives the whole day an aura of unprecedented trollitude.

Then it’s home to face Kansas City, because remember there will be Interleague games all the year long in 2013.  The Phillies will be hosting a “1980 World Series Trophy” night, during which any team who has a World Series Trophy from the 1980 October Classic will get to umpire the game in an inning of their choice.

Further Interleague games, since that’s what everybody seems to get excited about, will be against Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, and Detroit.  The year will end only four road games in the month of September, ending with an NL East stretch that starts on the 13th and features Washington for three games, Miami for six, New York for three, and Atlanta for the final four.

What does this mean for 2012?  Very little.  But it does give us an extra thing to write a post about, even if it is several days late, as usual.

Thanks for reading!

Yaaaaaaaaaay Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

So if you like 2012, which you do now, remember, then you’ll love 2013, because they’re not even 10 games back yet.