Roy Halladay Unsatisfied by Dominance in Baseball, Looks to Dominate Hunger


PICTURED: Roy Halladay, not failing. Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The Phillies have failed plenty of times in 2012.  Remember that one time?  That time that you thought would be the worst time?  And then the time after that, that was worse?  What an awful week that was.  You should really call your boss’ kids and apologize.  Unfortunately they had to change their phone number after all those times you called before.

But, unlike on the baseball field, there are some areas where the Phillies do not accept failure.

"“You can’t fail a food drive.  No matter what you do, it’s going to help somebody.”—Brandy Halladay"

Roy Halladay and his wife Brandy recently held a food drive for Philabundance–the leading hunger charity in the region and where college students go when their drunken rambunctiousness attracts the attention of the law-at the Ritz-Carlton in Center City Philly.

Apparently, this is something the couple did a lot years ago in Colorado, and with September being “Hunge Action Month,” it just seemed like the next logical step.  That, and the last Phillie to take the reins on fighting hunger was Hunter Pence, whose billboard stating his support of the cause on one of the freeways leading into the city is now just awkward, like running into your ex every morning and listening to them talk about all their charity work.  It’s like come on, I fight hunger all the time.  Why do you think I keep an “Emergency Sandwich” taped to the bottom of my desk?

In all likelihood, you (and me) don’t do enough to combat hunger, so it’s always wonderful to see the Phillies stepping up like this, whether it’s our beloved ace or a deer-like human man we paid to play in the outfield for a while.