Phillippe Aumont to Begin Wild September Call-up-athon


Jeremy Horst’s wife has gone into labor, so you know what that means:  Phillippe Aunmont gets his shot in the Big Leagues!

With the lefty Horst on paternity leave, the Phillies deemed now the perfect time to bring up the first of their Cliff Lee prospects for some good old fashioned bullpen auditioning.  At 23 years old, he is part of an exciting farm system pitching movement–involving other guys like Jon Pettibone, Jesse Biddle, Justin De Fratus, and others–happening closer to the Major League surface than ever.

The trick is, however, that Aumont isn’t 100% flawless all of the time, unlike the rest of the Phillies pitching staff.  And not like “Cliff Lee, shit, I only gave up five hits but three of them were home runs.”  Aumont’s disparity is far more dramatic, silencing a lineup with K’s in one outing before unraveling for five earned runs in the next.  It’s hilarious when it’s not totally, inconsolably maddening.

As a bullpenner with the IronPigs, Aumont will make his ML debut after posting a 3-1 record with a 4.26 ERA and 15 saves in 41 games.

However, the most important part in all of this is that Aumont will be the first of many interesting September call-ups, during which we get to watch young arms and bats get a shot to audition for 2013 and generate nicknames for those who are successful.

For instance, Aumont is French Canadian!  That’s pretty fun.  Let’s work with that.

Ha ha ha I know right.

In general, the guy is a powerful, strong, large human being with an intense arm and even more intense mindset.  Just ask that locker.  The concerns we’ll all be scrutinizing are his ability to hit his spots and the attitude he adopts if/when he fails.

But seriously, congratulations to the Horsts.