Freddy Galvis Welcomed Back to Phillies Team/Disabled List


Freddy Galvis, that young spitfire/spark plug/young gun/other cliche who was pulling the Phillies’ defense through the first half by his teeth, has been released by MLB’s PED goons for his drug test violation.

Yes, that happened this year, not five years ago like it feels.

Before his eyes can even adjust to the daylight, Freddy is being shifted to the 15-day disabled list, where he will be disabled for far more than 15 days.  We have no idea the kind of jarring, freakish world Freddy is entering.  When he went down for testing positive on a PED, the world was a different place.  Now, he’s missed too many episodes of Breaking Bad to relate to human life.

All in all, the kid lost $133,000 through 50 games of thinking about what he did, using the time to return to Venezuela.  Phillies management is now tasked with determining a roll for a slick middle infielder with a broken back.

It’s not going to be easy.

There will probably be some winter ball, some Gulf Coast League, some hemming and hawing over whether or not he can play third base.  I mean, if people are willing to throw Erik Kratz into the third base conundrum than an actual infielder can’t be out of the question.  And I’d like to see what Freddy can do even with his fractured vertebrate; he’s probably still an average fielder.

Hopefully, this isn’t the end of a story, but merely the beginning of the second part (sequels, as we all know, customarily being far superior to the original).  Even without the almighty power of PEDs surging in his veins, I’m willing to wager Freddy’s offense (.226/.254/.363) doesn’t take too much of a dive.