Jimmy Rollins’ Lack of Hustle Ruins Phillies 2012 Playoff Chances


What would this season be if it didn’t include some manic, childish finger-pointing?  Well, we’ve already had some of that.  A lot, actually.


Well, we’ve got to do something to pass the time until the game starts and we can complain about the short term future.

**Drums fingers on desk**

Ooh ooh ooh!   Why don’t we drag up some old storylines from the before years and make them the focal point of our complaints for a news cycle?!  We actually haven’t done that in a while, and what better timing–Jimmy Rollins recently didn’t run hard on a ground ball!

WOW, you guys are way ahead of me!  What a productive Thursday you must be having.

WIP, of course, is the place where resentment is born; its conception being the toxic combination of natural negativity, media bias, half ass pitch meetings, and buzzword-spewing media personnel; its birth being the glamorizing of misinformed assclowns who replace intelligence with spittle, loud noises, and bad breath; its afterbirth the acceptance of the stated ignorance as fact.

To make matters worse, when Jimmy was confronted about the slacking via Twitter, he for some reason responded negatively.  As if he himself resented people for whining about his performance.  As if a bad season had worn his patience down with this “tough town” and its “harsh critics” who know how to “use the internet.”

Well, we can feel free to judge Jimmy because we are the city where no one cuts corners, ever.  Sure, I used to dump my garbage can into the empty cubicle next to me because the dumpster was a staircase away.  And when it turned out to not be empty I still did it for six more weeks until the pregnant lady quit.  So that was more dedication than laziness.

So when I say that Jimmy lollygagging up the first base line is bullshit, you know that’s coming from a guy who does everything 100%.  And as this storyline takes shape and people claim that Josh Hamilton could be a way better shortstop, just remember that if it sounds like a bunch of vocalized mouth diarrhea, made even more dramatic with the background of the lost season and the upholding of this “passionate town” obligation, that’s just because you’re not Philly enough.