Clearwater Starter Adam Morgan Throws Seven Perfect, Ruined Innings


This is news that happened basically years ago at this point.  Our Clearwater correspondent tried to ride his horse back to the TBOH office in record time, but it died of exhaustion somewhere in Virginia, and he was forced to drag its body up the freeway because he said he “…didn’t want to have to stop for food,” whatever that means.

So anyways, that’s why this information is coming to you days after the fact; not because somebody couldn’t be bothered to find the power chord for his laptop.

Clearwater is pretty low on the Phillies farm system ladder, but that doesn’t make perfect games not worth mentioning.  Of course, this wasn’t one.  But still.

Adam Morgan has allowed seven runs over his last six starts, going no less than five and a third every time.  His season ERA is 3.05–third in the Florida State League–and his WHIP is 1.03–good enough for second.  All of that would be nice and wonderful, but his record for the year is 4-9, indicating that despite his solid numbers, he must be doing something terribly wrong if he’s accumulating all those losses, single-handedly.

Last Sunday may have been the statistical category that’s haunted Morgan–Inability to Finish Perfect Games.

He had erased the first 22 Jupiter Hammerheads he faced, but sadly, after giving up a single, the day was over.  All he could do is get the next guy and protect the 1-0 lead.

He didn’t do that, and more singles poured in, and the Threshers lost the game that had been a perfecto, 2-1.  Kind of a down ending, like finishing a road trip by passing an internet writer on the side of the highway, eating a horse.

But Adam Morgan had has a hell of an August, and some day, he’ll be able to tell his grand children about the time the Jupiter Hammerheads ruined everything.