Shane Victorino Totally Fine After Losing All Feeling in One of His Limbs


“Oh, it hit him!” someone in the crowd said audibly.

“It hit him, but did he swing?” Tom McCarthy replied, agreeing with the fan’s in depth analysis as Shane Victorino started walking to first base, in that fast-motion way people move when they’re in immense, terrible pain.

His arm dangling limply from the side of his body, Shane was eventually told to turn around and go back to the dugout, because he had swung and was out, but this only resulted in him spinning around, holding his arms out in confusion.

Checking the replay, we can see Shane did NOT swing, which prompted Chris Wheeler to deem the call “awful, not even close.”  Charlie Manuel left the dugout to have a chat with the first base umpire, and Shane headed back to home plate, where he, the Brewers’ catcher, and the home plate umpire held a brief meeting to decide what the count had been.  One of the Phillies trainers stood wordlessly nearby, wondering if Shane remembered that he had been in some pretty intense paid just moments before.

When people complain about baseball dragging on forever, they are picturing this scene exactly.

Shane would eventually leave the game due to a bruised elbow, and it was reported that he had “lost all feeling in his right hand” temporarily.  Needless to say, he’s fine now, and will probably be making his next start today.  Which is good, because with him out, we got to experience the potential post-Victorino centerfield era with John Mayberry taking the position, and boy, that did not make anyone comfortable at all.